Permanent contingency recruitment

We’ll invest time to understand your business, your commercial drivers and cultural distinctions. This knowledge enables us to be your brand ambassador and promote you effectively to the best candidates on the market.

We develop long-term relationships with candidates, regardless of whether they are actively looking for a new position. We know their drivers and career aspirations and have created bespoke candidate pools from which we can quickly produce shortlists of highly relevant, pre-screened candidates for a variety of disciplines.

Interim contingency recruitment

We’ll engage fully compliant and exceptional candidates who’ll hit the ground running. Our interim solutions can be deployed for:

- Peaks in workload i.e. during development or product launches
- Maternity or long-term illness cover
- Niche permanent hire whilst timely searches are undertaken

We’ll support you through each stage of appointment, including managing compliance, onboarding, timesheets and invoicing, to reduce the time you spend on administration.

Resource process outsourcing

It’s a competitive employment market out there which puts immense pressure on those people responsible for hiring and managing staff. Outsourcing all or part of your recruitment function can ease this pressure and help you meet your strategic recruitment goals. We implement cutting-edge talent acquisition strategies with measurable results across all areas of staffing. In fact, we’re confident with Ignata as an outsource partner, you’ll see hiring costs and time-to-hire decreasing while the number of qualified hires and retention rates increase.

Our RPO services are non-invasive and fully tailored to each client’s business strategy and goals. Use us over the long term, or for any stage of the recruitment process.

Retained search

Requiring a very specific kind of resourcing ability, we have teams across each of our brands that are expert in using the latest technologies to deliver on retainers. We act quickly, allocating a dedicated team of skilled researchers and consultants to your project and within an agreed time frame, you’ll be presented with highly relevant candidates to consider for your role or roles. Our approach is targeted and specific and, of course, we meet all prospective candidates, screening them for cultural fit before considering an introduction.

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