Introduction to our insider knowledge

Knowledge is power. For us, this translates as ‘the more our clients know, the more control they’ll have over their staffing.’ In support of this, we provide regular and timely insights into the recruitment market. To read our latest report, The rise of AI in the recruitment industry and other Insights, click here

The rise of AI in the recruitment industry - 2018

Our latest report provides an insight into how AI has evolved, its benefits, the concerns it raises, as well as how we use it to drive efficiency and positively impact the recruitment process.

Our insights

Alongside our more general, published industry insights, we have developed bespoke scraping software which affords us the capability to deliver niche insights for clients with very specific requests. This service allows us to provide our clients with a better understanding of specific sector trends which could improve retention rates, guard against loss of staff and assist in strategic decision making – regionally-specific data to support office relocation for example.   

Our real-time insights can also drive change programmes and other initiatives to improve efficiency. Our salary benchmarking data, for example, can be used to pinpoint areas of challenge and future opportunities within your organisation, which could ultimately result in long-term cost savings and increased commercial competitiveness.

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