Customised consultancy modules

With Edison’s ‘always a better way’ mandate ever present in our minds, we’ll audit your current processes and strategies using a non-invasive and collaborative approach and present our outcomes as a diagnostic review, recommending modules like the ones outlined below. 

Diversity and inclusion

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we practice what we preach and are proud of our diverse and vibrant workforce. By helping our clients create and proudly promote an inclusive environment, they benefit from a rich, diverse think tank that will drive their business forward.

Salary and benefits

After an audit of your salary and benefits processes we will identify and promote key strengths that clients may take for granted – for example corporate culture – but that may in fact be something that gives competitive advantage.

In-house talent acquisition

Sourcing techniques are constantly evolving and a clear strategy is vital to maintain a competitive advantage. We ensure our clients are engaging passive candidates who are unknown to the market and their competition. We’ve seen excellent result from referral schemes for example. Ranging from incentives for a simple ‘like’ on Facebook or the introduction of known candidate, these programs have proven results, reducing cost per hire whilst also enhancing corporate culture and quality of hire.

PSL vendor review

Effective supplier relationships are critical to delivering top talent. Our expert knowledge in this area allows us to truly understand supplier and client motivations. We’ll help you develop mutually beneficial partnerships, driving performance levels that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Internal mobility

Maintaining an industry-leading workforce retention level is dependent on effective succession planning and a sound internal promotion strategy. Our aim is for clients to benefit from an internal mobility strategy that is firmly intertwined with the recruitment process.

Selection process

Effective recruitment requires matching not just a candidate’s skillset to your business but also personality, culture and personal situation. Our range of selection tools allow informed and appropriate decisions to be made. Interview training falls within this module. Often a candidate’s first impression of an organisation is developed during the interview. Our interview training is designed to ascertain not only candidate suitability but also ensure your interviewer, acting as a brand ambassador, is promoting your business effectively to the best candidates on the market.

Employer brand

Companies with a strong employer brand generally find their cost per hire and turnover to be lower. We’ll help you refine and enhance your employer brand, increasing its value through marketplace insight: what are people really saying about you?

Employer value proposition (EVP)

Your perceived value as a potential employer can be the difference between closing the deal on your preferred candidate or accepting the runner-up. We’ll audit all components contributing to your EVP - including compensation and benefits, values and culture, work environment, leadership, L&D opportunities - and advise on how to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Compliance and onboarding

Robust compliance processes are critical in our industry. Our in-depth industry knowledge is underpinned by compliance with strict ethical and legal regulations that govern our industry. We’ll audit your compliance, offer and onboarding processes and, if necessary, implement new initiatives to ensure they are market leading.

Social media strategy

Social recruiting is a must-have for any successful staffing strategy but the commitment needed to sustain an ongoing presence can't be underestimated. By understanding online communities, we'll help implement a social networking strategy to build your brand, market career opportunities and engage with the best candidates

Contingent workforce strategy

Whilst contingent workers provide flexibility, scalability and less employer obligation a growing contingent workforce can quickly become unwieldy. We are experienced in working with clients wishing to regain control of their contractors. Working with all key business areas we’ll conduct a contingent workforce review and devise processes to mitigate risk and regain visibility.

MI reporting suite

Good management information can provide amazing insights into your business. As well as highlighting strengths, it can also identify the root cause of a problem area. Measuring quality of hire, for example, is something many clients find difficult. With extensive experience in this field, we’ll establish your key business objectives and then determine the best ways to measure. Similarly, satisfaction surveys, when implemented correctly, are a simple but highly effective tool. Tracking candidate and hiring manager's perceptions allow you to ascertain how your employer brand is perceived during the recruitment process and how it will translate to the external market. Other areas of focus could include the cost of hire, the effectiveness of advertising spend and diversity and inclusion.

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