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Recruitment that keeps pace with the digital revolution

The technology and digital sectors evolve at breakneck speed, which means that finding the right talent for the right position is a high-pressure pursuit. Ignata can handle the heat.

Our experience

We work with a huge range of consumer-facing and B2B organisations, always fostering partnerships with technology leaders and their senior teams to understand their evolving strategies and the talent they will need along the way.

What makes us different

The digital and technology talent pool is constantly evolving. By being excep­tionally well networked and mapping out the entire market, we ensure our clients have exposure to an extensive talent pool both active and passive. Meanwhile, by understanding not just their business needs but their goals and cultures, we engage with the very best talent for their teams – today and tomorrow.



We recruit across the full spectrum of digital and technology requirements, from highly technical development, testing and security roles, to analytical and intelligence positions, to more general business leadership and management. We recruit contract and permanent staff at all levels.

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We will find you a career, not a job. We consider not just your digital and technology skills and experience, but your aspirations and your cultural fit, to find you the perfect next step.


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Examples of roles we recruit for

  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile
  • ERP
  • Testing
  • Communications
  • IT Security
  • Project/ Programme Management

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I worked with Will whilst in an interim COO role with an IT Security Consultancy during an eighteen-month period of significant growth. We needed to grow our engineering and consultancy capability by at least 50% in a highly competitive market for such skills, and bring in a new Head of Sales. Will provided the majority of the new engineers, consultants and the Sales Head.

The key differentiator was Will’s ability to quickly and fully assess and understand our requirements combined with his attention to detail and his responsiveness throughout the recruitment of each candidate. The result was a small number of candidates for each role, never more than three and frequently less, and he usually provided the successful candidate. We wasted no time reading the CVs of unsuitable candidates and were able to optimise our performance assessing the suitable ones and in getting the selected candidate on board.

As a result it was one of the most efficient recruitment periods I have experienced in over twenty years of IT consultancy management and I would strongly recommend Will for his key role in making it so successful.

Dave Gillbanks