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The rise of AI in the recruitment industry - 2018

Our latest report provides an insight into how AI has evolved, its benefits, the concerns it raises, as well as how we use it to drive efficiency and positively impact the recruitment process.

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Video interviews and their future in recruitment

With the introduction of Facebook Live and the constant obsession with YouTubers, the idea of being on screen isn’t that daunting for the digital generation. However, there’s a very big difference in hanging out with your mates on Snapchat and presenting a professional and composed appearance.

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Sleepless over cybercrime?

Surveys suggest that data integrity and protection are becoming an increasingly important concern for the owners and managers of SMEs. A Barclaycard poll found that 44% of small business owners were concerned about falling victim to cybercrime or a data breach.

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Talent headache for SMEs

Who wouldn’t want to be in business in the West Midlands these days? HSBC is moving the 2,500 staff headquarters of its new UK ring-fenced bank to Birmingham. However, it’s not all good news if you are an SME competing for a share of the talent pool dominated by two or three major corporations on your patch.

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Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing has to be one of the business buzzwords of the moment. And to be honest, even the term ‘buzzword’ can be a bit off-putting. Isn’t wellbeing just a faddish relative of clean eating and green juices, Brain Gym for kids in the classroom and corporate yoga for their grown-up relatives?

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