Video interviews and their future in recruitment

Created 15/02/2018 12:00am

With the introduction of Facebook Live and the constant obsession with YouTubers, the idea of being on screen isn’t that daunting for the digital generation. However, there’s a very big difference in hanging out with your mates on Snapchat and presenting a professional and composed appearance.

Video interviewing isn’t the newest idea and has been doing the rounds for some time. Despite this, it’s really only now starting to take off in earnest as recruiters begin to appreciate the benefits of being able to get a proper look at the candidate, without the hassle of organising a full interview in person.

If you haven’t yet dipped your toe into the cyber waters of video interviewing, you really need to take the plunge or else risk being left behind. Research shows that more than six out of 10 companies are already using video interviewing, with more expecting to do so in the future.

This paper sets out to consider where video interviews are proving to be a success, the different types of technology available and their relative benefits, plus what the future holds for this type of recruitment.

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