Paving the way for Better IT Recruitment

Created 07/06/2018 12:00am

The transformative power of technology has long been documented, with advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and data analytics not only changing the way that companies operate but also the talent they look to recruit.

There’s a greater demand for highly skilled individuals in IT, which is gradually being met by a new generation of employees that have been raised in an increasingly digital world. The challenges and opportunities for companies are evolving, with issues such as cybersecurity now considered one of the biggest threats to business continuity.


Technology Requirements

So how is this affecting IT recruitment? Technology is not only changing the type of employee companies need, but it is also affecting how we find them. There’s been a noticeable shift in the last decade from traditional recruitment methods - placing vacancies in the local paper – to online noticeboards, social media advertisements and even TV ads.

Finding the right platform to reach and attract the new tech generation can be challenging, which is why it’s important to have a presence across multiple channels and technologies to ensure maximum exposure to these highly-skilled individuals.


Introducing Ignata Technology – Your technology recruitment partner

Technology is having such an effect on the industry that Ignata has chosen to dedicate an entire division to recruiting IT professionals. Led by Ignata’s Commercial Director Howard Murfin, Ignata Technology brings together a dynamic team of consultants, with extensive experience in technology recruitment.

The division will also draw on Ignata’s nationwide network of recruitment businesses and aims to become a trusted partner of CIO’s and their leadership teams; sourcing, attracting and acquiring the best talent for their organisations. This includes redefining the standard approaches to talent acquisition and retention - even if it means challenging the industry’s status quo.

For more information on Ignata Technology and how we can help you attract and retain new talent, please contact Howard Murfin on or 07786 650100.