Mental Health in the Workplace

Created 18/04/2018 12:00am

While we still have a long way to go, mental health has never been talked about so openly in this country, and this has to be a good thing. According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, one in six people in the past week will have experienced a common mental health problem, underlining just how prevalent issues like depression and anxiety can be. Mental health problems can be devastating on an individual level, dramatically affecting people’s abilities to enjoy or even carry out their day-to-day work – and this, in turn, means that mental health is an important employer issue too.

We certainly don’t want to imply that workplace wellbeing strategies are a suitable substitute for proper medical attention in the case of mental illness. However, making it clear that your workplace prioritises staff happiness and security; introducing strategies to help individuals manage their workloads in the most appropriate way for them; and paying attention to factors like rest, mindfulness and good physical health, can certainly all help to support positive mental health in your workplace. Happier workers are, generally speaking, more productive workers, and powerful brand ambassadors to boot. At SF Group, an Ignata Business, we take our responsibility in this very seriously, not only with an internal lens, but also externally, by supporting our clients with insight and thought leadership on the subject. We aren’t the subject matter experts though… that’s why we work with the best in the industry to bring their expertise to the table, perfectly illustrated by the recent breakfast seminar we held in Nottingham alongside James Maher from Arrow HR. The turnout was one of our highest to date which tells us something about the shifting attitudes towards mental wellbeing at work and the responsibility we are all collectively taking to address it.

We will be holding similar events throughout the year, so please check out our events here. 


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