Could we save you £1million in recruitment costs?

Created 08/05/2018 12:00am

I remember sitting for the first time in the glorious foyer of this bank, whose brand I had respected for as long as I could remember; a brand synonymous with quality, trust and innovation; a corporate behemoth no less… which explains why I was so surprised that they couldn’t recruit 1 person in the contact centre without inviting 13 others to an interview!

It struck me as odd that a corporate brand so strong and resilient couldn’t translate this to potential employees or the host of recruitment agencies they had on tap. The bank had missed the point… it wasn’t about the strength of their brand, it was about how compelling they were as an employer; about the experience candidates had in the recruitment process; about the ease of pre-employment checking; and how amazing they were made to feel when they started.

A corporate brand they would buy from, however, a true and compelling employment brand… that’s what they will entrust THEMSELVES too. 

The key was to make the candidate’s experience literally the best in town; from the red carpet treatment of a bespoke and personalised portal; to information packs that got people talking; to future colleague ‘buddy sessions’; to an interview process that was personal and engaging and worth spending their time on; to a bunch of recruiters in MBA who held their hand throughout, not because of a fee but because it was the right job for the candidate and the right thing to do.

The whole package was a transformational experience for the business – we could have filled jobs 3 times over at a 1:1 interview to hire ratio and because of this it made recruitment easy. Like for like the business saved over £1m in a calendar year on recruitment costs!

The learning was and still is… make your employment brand likeable, aspirational, trustworthy and unobtrusive. Agencies don’t (on the whole) get this as it all takes a lot more time than a click of a button on a database… Quality recruiters do get it – the key is finding the right one to partner with.

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