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Built around extraordinary people, Ignata Consulting is a challenger consultancy, working with a global network of expert associates to abolish the constraints and downfalls of traditional management consultancy firms.

Leading the evolution to Consulting 2.0

Gradually but surely, the traditional consulting model is becoming more fragile than agile. With a sea of sameness and entrenched in longstanding, outdated and over-bureaucratic structures, it now faces a new challenge… The individuals and expertise that once formed its backbone are dispersing, in-turn creating a market of insurgents - highly skilled individuals and teams, who are able to offer clients a more dynamic, flexible and value-driven engagement.

It’s time for business leaders to fix up, look sharp, and realise…

Without an A-team, you’ve already compromised.

The sooner you say goodbye to body-shopped bench teams, the better! Tap into a global talent pool and get the right people at the right time.

It’s not your job to train consultants. Focus on getting them to train your team.

You shouldn’t be liable for training junior consultants, instead leave a legacy and bring in an SME team who ensure knowledge transfer is integral to every relationship.

Lift and shift methodologies will only see you sit level with the competition.

Put your foot down and demand new, innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

Invest in focus, efficiency and effectiveness - not politics and wasted time.

Your team should be there for you… forget internal politics and over-engineered consultancy governance. A consultants focus should be you and your challenge.

The work you and the team have done for us has been fantastic, and I have certainly found that finding people of similar levels of quality and commitment is not easy.

I’d like to say a huge thank you for the last year. You’ve really shown us a way forward, I know we wouldn’t have had otherwise.  We’ve had quite a few false dawns with others that we have worked with over the years, and you genuinely have been like a breath of fresh air.  You’ve made some really significant changes to our business and inspired the teams in doing this which isn’t an easy thing to do

Transformation Director, FTSE100 Utility

Unlike others, we don’t employ anyone. There’s no need.

Clients want the best for every given scenario and Ignata Consulting can’t employee them all.

Instead, working collaboratively with clients, we create beautifully engineered, on-demand teams, giving businesses access to a new source of talent, with a bias for getting the job done.

Using a comprehensive 5 step approach we work collaboratively with our client to build a completely bespoke A-team.

Ignata Consulting works hand-in-hand with over 250 Ignata talent sourcing specialists, utilising a global network to source and select the right team for the job.

As a business leader, you can be as hands-on as you wish, however within days Ignata Consulting guarantee a team, ready for selection.

Supporting leaders to drive key business agendas.

Delivering a range of best in class capabilities such as…

- Transformation Leadership
- Programme Management
- SWAT Teams
- Next Best Action Marketing
- Proposition Design
- Marketing Operations
- Innovation & Design Sprints
- Data & Analytics

It all starts with a conversation.

Ignata Consulting is a next-generation consultancy partner that takes the best of what the new world has to offer.


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