Commercial case study

300 annual recruits for multinational business

Our client

Our client was a multinational company that provides business support, in the form of HR, employment law, health & safety and employee well-being services - to employers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. From small beginnings, they’ve grown to become the market leader. Back in 1983, they started out with 12 employees and 50 clients. Today they represent over 26,000 clients with more than 850 employees.

Initial Scope

The client had suffered from very poor recruitment output using a mix of direct and agency. Alongside that, there was some reputational risk over their employment brand in the market, or at least that was their perception. Ignata were asked to take over all sales recruitment activity for numerous brands within the Group. Recruitment requirements were:


telesales recruits a year


between 100 -150 field sales recruits.


agency spend

The journey to date

We created an off-site team to focus on EVP and their employer brand, as well as completing white label candidate engagement. We also built a candidate attraction strategy that included radio advertising across Manchester, and developed a candidate experience questionnaire and referral scheme, to ensure every potential employee had the right perception of the brand. 

The results

50 telesales recruits per quarter

10 field sales recruits a month

Achieved 0% agency spend

0% pre-hire attrition

Improved conversion rate from 10% to 70% from interview to hire

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